The Space Devs

Story & Mission

Our staff consists of experienced developers and librarians who contribute to our APIs by supporting the development of the codebase or maintaining the wealth of data. We joined forces with the shared objective of uniting spaceflight APIs in an alliance of enthusiasts. The goal of The Space Devs is to provide free access to a broad database consisting of multiple REST APIs spanning the world of spaceflight, from rocket launches to spaceflight events and news. If you wish to join us, either as a whole project or as a single contributor, please contact the staff through discord.

Our Staff

Caleb Jones


LL2 developer and librarian, Space Launch Now founder and developer

Jacques Rascagneres


LL2 developer and librarian, Go4Liftoff founder and developer

Derk Weijers


SNAPI founder and developer, LL2 librarian

Arnaud Muller


LL2 and SNAPI librarian

Nik B


LL2 librarian

Irene Larina


LL2 librarian

Scott McLay


LL2 librarian

Ivan Li


LL2 librarian