The Space Devs Network

Partners & Users

The Space Devs Network consists of the partner projects as well as all our users. Partners actively contribute to the API(s) by helping to maintain our data as librarians and/or aiding in the development of the shared infrastructure. Users are simply those who utilize one or more of our APIs. To be added to the users list or to discuss becoming a partner, please contact our staff through discord.

Our Partners

Space Launch Now

Space Launch Now started as a weekend project as none of the apps for Launch Library were being maintained. After several years we grew to include several active staff members and a small team of volunteer librarians and translators helping to bring the most accurate spaceflight data to phones, tablets and computers around the world.


The Go4Liftoff eco-system attempts to combine all of the data provided by our two APIs; SpaceflightNews API and Launch Library 2 API. The main goal is to display this abundance of information in an easily digestible way. Go4Liftoff currently consists of two main components: the Go4Liftoff Server and the Go4Liftoff Android Application. The server consists of the website, discord bot, twitter bot and notifier which is responsible for sending out Android notifications. The Go4Liftoff server side is written entirely in GoLang but is written in a way which allows each part of the server to run separately. At present all of the server components run on a Digital Ocean VPS. The Go4Liftoff Android App is written in Java and is fully native.

Spaceflight News API

The Spaceflight News API has all the latest spaceflight related news, blogs and reports for developers to add to their services. The API, running on NodeJS, is being fed by custom written software that’s specially built for this purpose. The website is minimalistic by design, since the best showcases are the apps and services that are using the API.

Launch Dashboard API

Launch Dashboard API contains telemetry of rocket launches from a variety of rockets. The telemetry is captured from the livestreams/webcast of the launch using a custom OCR software. Furthermore, the telemetry is being analyzed to improve its quality and to extract the maximum amount of data from it (for example calculating acceleration values from the velocity). The API's websockets interface allows real time streaming of telemetry with minimal latency. Launch Dashboard API and the software used to extract and analyze the telemetry are Open Source and all the telemetry is available for free.

Flight Club

Flight Club is the rocket launch simulator and orbital trajectory visualiser for all things space!


The open-source LiveLaunch Discord bot, developed by juststephen#3991, provides automatic Discord events for the TSD server based on Launch Library 2 data.


Hosted on Reddit, r/SpaceX is the largest fan-run discussion board focused on the US aerospace company SpaceX.